Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Now buy the bastard

Richard Bruton has given the new thicker Bastards 2 a cracking review on Forbidden Planet. You can read it for yourselves HERE.
For those interested in getting their hands on a copy, for the modest sum of £10 (+postage) check out contributors individual sites or troll along to a convention near you.
This weekend Paul Rainey will be appearing at BICS in Birmingham, while Sean Azzopardi is off to Malta as a guest of Malta Comic Con. Various contributors will be touting their wares at MCM Expo the last weekend of October.
Going into November there will be a whole bunch of bastards crowding behind a table at Comiket on the 7th and a couple of weeks later Leeds Thought Bubble will be awash with us dotted around the hall.
That's if you haven't been accosted by an inebriated Lester or Baillie in some London boozer in the meantime...